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X10 Technologies and Netskope Showcase Innovative Solutions at MISA BC Fall Conference

2 November 2023

MISA BC Fall Conference

X10 Technologies, a leading enterprise systems, solutions, and services provider, and Netskope, a leading name in cloud security, were proud participants at the MISA BC Fall Conference 2023, held from October 2 to 5. This was no ordinary event—it was an exhilarating journey through the latest tech trends, all while focusing on making local government practices better and more efficient.

One of the highlights of the event was the exclusive opportunity for attendees to engage in personalized 15-minute sessions with X10 Technologies’ in-house ethical hacker, Hank Fordham. Hank’s presentation featured an enlightening Dark Web Scan, which meticulously scours the depths of the dark web for stolen credentials, including usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card details. This interactive session provided attendees with a unique glimpse into the world of ethical hacking and the potential cybersecurity threats that organizations and individuals face. 

“We kindly encouraged attendees to take full advantage of this exceptional opportunity to connect with Hank and gain insights into the realm of ethical hacking,” shared Xenia Schoppen, Channel & Field Marketing  Manager at X10 Technologies. “It was indeed an experience that added a special touch to the event.”

Another highlight of the event was the ethical hacking session conducted by X10 Technologies’ Offensive Security Certified Professional and cybersecurity expert, Egor Chel. Egor guided participants through real-time cyber attack scenarios, showcasing the proficiency and knowledge of X10’s presenting team. This session left attendees with a deeper understanding of cybersecurity awareness and online safety.

Engaging Keynotes and Insights 

The event commenced with an engaging opening address by David Hoffer, whose charismatic speaking style set an exciting tone for the presentations that followed. Hoffer’s ability to captivate audiences and build anticipation was evident throughout his keynote address.

The presence of Lewis Vacek, Virtual Deputy Manager of IT at Fraser Valley Regional Library, a loyal customer of X10 Technologies, added great value to the event. Vacek’s insights and collaboration underscored the strength of X10 Technologies’ partnerships and the importance of its ongoing work with esteemed clients.

A Story of Collaboration and Innovation

The MISA BC Fall Conference 2023 was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the cybersecurity arena. X10 Technologies and Netskope came together to create an event that was both informative and engaging. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry experts, experience cutting-edge technologies, and gain insights into the latest cybersecurity trends.

The ethical hacking sessions were particularly popular, as attendees were eager to learn more about this critical aspect of cybersecurity. Hank Fordham and Egor Chel provided valuable insights and practical advice, helping attendees to better understand and mitigate cyber risks.

The MISA BC Fall Conference 2023 was a success by all measures. The event wasn’t just about learning; it was about forging connections. Networking sessions buzzed with energy as professionals from diverse backgrounds exchanged business cards and ideas. It provided a valuable platform for X10 Technologies and Netskope to showcase their commitment to cybersecurity excellence. The event also served as a reminder of the importance of collaboration and innovation in protecting organizations and individuals from cyber threats.

Looking to the Future

The overwhelming interest and engagement demonstrated at the MISA BC Fall Conference 2023 reaffirm X10 Technologies’ and Netskope’s commitment to enhancing cybersecurity and digital defense for municipalities. The synergy between the two companies, combined with the invaluable support of their partners and customers, positions them as a formidable force in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. 

X10 Technologies and Netskope’s participation at the MISA BC Fall Conference was a resounding success, providing attendees with invaluable insights into cybersecurity and digital defense. Their combined expertise and engaging activities resonated perfectly with the mission MISA BC’s goal of adding value to communities across British Columbia and beyond.

Both companies are committed to future endeavors and collaborations that will further strengthen collective cybersecurity resilience. They believe that collaboration is key to addressing the complex and evolving cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.



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