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X10 Technologies Wraps Up IT4K12 Conference 2023 with Resounding Success

21 November 2023

The recently concluded IT4K12 Conference 2023 held on November 14th and 15th at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center was a resounding success for X10 Technologies. As we draw to a close to this insightful event, let’s look back on the awesome memories and valuable connections we’ve built over the two-day conference.

Exploring Groundbreaking Solutions at Booth #2

Visitors at the conference had the opportunity to engage with X10 Technologies at Booth #2, where insightful discussions about the future of technology took center stage. Attendees were not only treated to a wealth of information but also had the chance to participate in a captivating dialogue about the latest innovations in the tech landscape. 

One featured solution at X10’s booth was HostedBizz’s suite of offerings, designed to deliver fast and efficient cloud services to educational institutions. These solutions aim to provide dynamic learning environments — enhancing teaching methodologies and transforming the educational landscape. Those who stopped by the booth also had the exciting opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, adding an element of excitement to the learning experience. 

Highlight Session: “Unmasking the Shadows. Hackers on the Move”

A standout moment of the conference was X10’s highlighted session on November 15th, presented by the renowned cybersecurity expert, Hank Fordham. Titled “Unmasking the Shadows. Hackers on the Move – Prequel to the Assumed Breach,” Hank delved into the complexities of cybersecurity threats, providing an informative and captivating presentation. The session garnered immense interest, drawing a full room of attendees eager to understand the intricacies of cybersecurity in the evolving digital landscape. Participants had the unique opportunity to interact with Hank Fordham, gaining insights into X10’s role in ensuring the safety of networks and students in both physical and digital realms.

Simon Copon, Senior Customer Relationship Manager at X10, was another notable presenter from the X10 team. As an expert in fostering customer relationships, Copon engaged with conference participants, offering valuable insights into aligning tech solutions with educational objectives.

X10 Technologies actively engaged with the educational community at the event, sparking discussions about the K12 experience and the company’s expertise in cybersecurity and technology integration in education. These conversations extended beyond the confines of Booth #2, reflecting a growing awareness of the need for robust security measures in the digital age.

Engaging with the Educational Community

X10 Technologies demonstrated a strong commitment to the educational community, engaging in meaningful conversations about the K12 experience. The team’s expertise in enabling digital learning resources while ensuring the safety of networks and students resonated well with educators and IT professionals alike.

The IT4K12 Conference once again proved to be a fantastic opportunity for collaboration, sharing, and learning. Hosted by Focused Education Resources, the event provided a platform for educators and IT professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and gain fresh insights into harnessing the benefits of educational technology.


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