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Cloud Telephony: With the Microsoft Teams wide adoption, you now have the prospect of owning or simply using voice technology at your control. Having your entire phone system in Cloud, can streamline and simplify your business operations, elevate customer service, and boost overall productivity with your application-integration such as Salesforce, Outlook, or MS Dynamics.

Combine your legacy phone system or run hybrid to advance your Teams with voice, efficiently scale up/down, and secure payments relatively easy by migrating at will within minutes in your Cloud network.

Establishing Voice into Teams will advance your workplace through a collaborative experience. Utilize the Admin Panel to outline, manage, alert, report, and control the entire life cycle- no scripts, no code.

With the built-in Azure, you can select a solution that provides end-to-end encryption establishing a reliable and resilient solution to put your Voice in Teams. Whether through Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, and GDPR compliant- whatever your acronym is, it’s guaranteed secure.