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X10 Technologies and Arctic Wolf: Beer Tasting Meets Cybersecurity Insights

27 September 2023

On September 20th, X10 Technologies partnered with Arctic Wolf to host a unique virtual event that combined craft beer and cybersecurity insights. Participants enjoyed a relaxing evening at home, tasting different beers and learning from experts about the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices.

A Perfect Mix of Fun and Learning

The event was more than just an opportunity to savor delicious craft beers; it also served as a platform for learning. Brad Fox, Sales Director at X10 Technologies, set the stage by welcoming the attendees. He emphasized the importance of cybersecurity and introduced Joshua Topnik, Solution Engineer, and Clayton Huston, Account Executive at Arctic Wolf, who provided invaluable insights into securing IT environments.

Arctic Wolf Networks is renowned for its bespoke, continual cybersecurity protection, adapting to the unique needs of each organization. Participants had the chance to engage with these experts in a relaxed atmosphere, fostering both informal interaction and vital learning. The event offered a rare opportunity for IT professionals to connect with experts and explore the cybersecurity domain over a refreshing drink. The conversations were lively and informative, allowing peers to exchange passions and knowledge in a friendly setting.

X10 Technologies and Arctic Wolf

X10 Technologies and Arctic Wolf partnered to offer better and more comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to clients. The partnership enhances market reach by leveraging the consolidated networks of both entities, tapping into new customer bases and verticals for mutual growth.  The partnership also promotes learning and development by fostering an environment for the interchange of knowledge, skills, and expertise, keeping both entities ahead in the ever-evolving tech and cybersecurity domains.

Canadian Craft Tours

Canadian Craft Tours added a fun element to the event. They provided a brief history of beer, an overview of the brewing process, proper tasting techniques, and trivia. The event was hosted by one of Canadian Craft Tours’ expert guides, who shared their knowledge and enthusiasm for craft beer.

In conclusion, the collaboration between X10 Technologies, Arctic Wolf, and Canadian Craft Tours curated an unforgettable evening for IT professionals, offering a harmonious blend of education, relaxation, and networking.


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