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21 August 2021

What if you could catch an intruder on your network simply by the way they touch their keyboard?

If that sounds like science fiction, it isn’t.  The manner in which any given user types on a keyboard or moves their mouse is, in fact, unique.  By taking a relatively small sample of their everyday keystroke patterns, they can be authenticated.  But beyond that, they can be authenticated continuously.  Any keyboard activity that doesn’t match that of your users, is an intruder with stolen credentials.

This approach doesn’t just run at login, it runs 24×7.  So even in a case like the now-infamous SolarWinds attack, where intruders had credentialed access for months, keyboard biometrics would have exposed them in minutes and locked them out.

Not only does this give a new layer of protection beyond the authentication mechanisms already in place, it solves another headache for security analysts, which is too many alerts from the tools they already have.  Having locked the attacker out, the security analyst can quickly filter out from a SIEM or similar technology, all the hundreds of events that had nothing to do with the attack.  In a matter of minutes, the analyst knows exactly which assets the attacker touched, and what commands they ran.

X10 is pleased to be a partner with Plurilock, the leader in this space. Watch this brief video to see their product in action. X10 would be pleased to discuss with you your current security posture, and how it can be improved using products like Plurilock and many others.


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