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Perimeter Security



One of the key aspects of network security infrastructure is the External Network Security or Perimeter Security. Its purpose is to defend and protect the network from both low and high-level attacks, keeping your company safe from cyber breaches and the bad publicity that goes with it.

Our Network and Security Operations Center support team provides turn-key operations with 24/7 monitoring and notification services. X10 Technologies values the security of its clients by making sure that specific and critical devices are monitored to lower the risk of non-compliance and increase corporate security posture.

X10 Technologies commits to provide consistent IT service support and delivery to your organization by acting as a primary support contact that troubleshoots and provides resolution to both production and non-production systems. X10 Technologies’ designated resources will also undertake preventative work to minimize incidents as much as possible.

Analysis and Response

X10 Technologies will work with internal resources and external vendors to address any specific system/network/application issues that pertain to production and non-production environment such as:

• Examples of troubleshooting.
• Analysis and response to firewall security and health events.
• Response to tickets and incidents.
• Device troubleshooting
• 24/7 alerts and notifications of all performance and availability related issues


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