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Firewall Management – Firewall Policy Administration, Management and Troubleshooting



Whether it be hardware devices, a virtual platform, or a cloud firewall. Our 24/7 operations monitor device states and alerts in real-time and will record the event by creating an incident. Our monitoring tools provide a real-time view and reporting of the device state. Our technical team not only keeps track of your up-time and down-time but also validates and determines the causes of the issue for each event. We are continuously monitoring system resources and the performance of systems and networking devices.

X10 Technologies specializes in providing Managed Firewall Services leveraging over a decade of experience in managing security policies and operations across various technology platforms.

Today, we help companies of all sizes successfully leverage their technology investments.

Our Network and Security Operations Center support team provide turn-key operations and 24/7 monitoring and notification services. X10 Technologies understands the importance of specific and critical devices to be monitored in order to reduce the risk of non-compliance and increase corporate security posture.

X10 Technologies will ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent IT service support and delivery to hour organization. X10 Technologies will act as a primary support contact and will troubleshoot and provide resolution to production and non-production systems. X10 Technologies’ designated resources will also be tasked with preventative work in order to reduce incidents as much as possible.

Our managed firewall services include:

Monitoring Tasks
X10 Technologies will work to define a set of operational procedures and will execute the tasks as per defined schedule. We will proactively monitor systems and applications to prevent any identified issues that will have an impact on your company’s day to day operations.

  • 24/7 monitoring of all devices in scope
  • 24/7 health monitoring (CPU/Memory/Utilization)
  • Health checks and capacity trending advisory
  • Scheduled traffic stats/trend reporting

Analysis and Response
X10 Technologies will work with internal resources and external vendors to address any specific system/network/application issues that pertain to production and non-production environments.

  • 24/7 monitoring of all devices in scope
  • Examples of troubleshooting
  • Analysis and response to firewall security and health events
  • Response to tickets and incidents
  • Device troubleshooting
  • 24/7 alerting and notification of all performance and availability related issues

Operational Tasks
X10 Technologies will assist with system/device updates and patching of production and non-production firewall devices.

Regular schedule will be determined based on existing requirements and policies in place. If not in place, X10 Technologies will prepare a schedule that may include after business hour tasks (automated and/or manual, scheduled and/or on demand).

Note: Updates and patching may require outages. Details of the outage will be communicated with business and get prior approval.

  • 24/7 monitoring of all devices in scope
  • Upgrades and patch management
  • Signature updated
  • Device patching/fixes
  • Major upgrades
  • Maintenance, backup and recovery
  • Tuning and configuration management/co-management
  • Rule/Security policy changes
  • Configuration backup and restore
  • Log exports
  • Firewall services (WildFire, URL Filtering, App-ID, etc.)

IT Asset Lifecycle Management
X10 Technologies will work to define a set of operational procedures and will execute the tasks as per defined schedule to perform the following tasks:

  • 24/7 monitoring of all devices in scope
  • Track hardware and software licensing and support
  • Assist in annual budget OPEX planning
  • Management of all supported hardware ensuring optimum performance
  • Tracking of warranty status, patches and remediate potential issue before it happens
  • Providing proactive and reactive repair and upgrade on a supported device

Help-Desk Operations
X10 Technologies provides a 24/7 help-desk operation and monitoring service. The service is fully managed and hosted by X10 Technologies. Our agents cover a full 24/7 shift with an additional fail-over option to a call-center. This ensures highly available customer support operations.

X10 Technologies will provide scheduled reports as requested and agreed during the on-boarding process.