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Backup And Disaster Recovery



Backup And Disaster Recovery

Backup Storage

One of the essential parts of the backup infrastructure is backup storage, and it requires special attention. Home network-attached storage devices can store data, as these products are affordable and always available. However, cheap storage can be unreliable and may cause corruption in backup files and metadata.

Backup Infrastructure

Production workloads can suffer if the backup infrastructure is improperly configured. Infrastructure bottlenecks can also impact backup and recovery times.

Backup Restorability Test

Conducting regular tests of backup and disaster recovery services is extremely important, as there are various reasons why a successful backup sometimes still results in a failed restore, such as:

    • ­ Damaged backup file
    • Corrupted backup storage
    • Damaged file system
    • Corrupted system files due to malware
    • Software misconfiguration

The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

The 3-2-1 backup rule is necessary to keep critical business data safe. It requires you to make three copies of each of your files (production data and two backup copies) on two different storage media types and one off-site copy. By storing your data this way, you provide both local and cloud-based protection to your files.

Instant Recovery

Recovering an entire virtual machine can take time depending on the recovery scenario that forces the end-user to wait until the device is fully restored and available again. Instant recovery allows you to access a virtual machine in an instant, right from a backup file.

Site Replication & Test Failover

For example, in a disaster recovery situation, when a company needs to resume business-critical workloads quickly, available machines can be brought to the disaster recovery site, ensuring continuous availability for the end-user.

Cloud Backup

Usually, not all small businesses have access to a remote location or the entire disaster recovery site. In that case, a small contract fee can be charged by an IT disaster recovery service provider to lease the required amount of storage processing resources to host external backups or replicas.

Backup Recovery Test Automation

Many users systematically and deliberately avoid conducting manual replica backup or restore tests because they take a lot of time and resources. The automation of backup recovery tests might help the real environment (unless it is not extensively used), allowing the staff to concentrate on other essential tasks.

Item Recovery Tests

It is not often required to recover an entire virtual machine; more often than not, you may only need to recover one item, whether it is a specific file or an email, an Active Directory item, or a database. The backup software should be regularly checked for its functions to avoid the overhead of intermediate operations.

Backup for Cloud Workloads

Our Cloud Backup Solutions is designed for protection and serves as one of the disaster recovery services in Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) environments. With its help, EC2 instances can be easily backed up and stored in Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service).

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