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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

What we do

X10 Technologies’ goal is to always be a thought leader in enterprise systems and
solutions supporting customers through their digital transformation and cyber
resilience journey.

What makes us different?

Our biggest investments go to people and training. We believe in attracting the best
breed of talents through our company culture and team approach. This enables us to
create a concord within our internal and external ecosystem, making the best better,
day after day.

Consistently, we have provided solutions to long-standing challenges our customers
face, helping them move from digital enablement to sustainable growth and
development. These journeys require dedicated long-term partnerships and trust
with all of our stakeholders. This is our approach. Our success comes from our
customers’ success, day in and day out, 24/7.


“Oleg Ivanov founded X10 Technologies upon recognizing a visible gap in the market. There was a need for a company specializing in advanced communication solutions focusing on larger and complex networks. What started out as engagements with customers on initial assessments, helping them identify gaps in their infrastructure and processes, resulted in requirements for architecture and design, implementation, and post-implementation support. From thereon until today, its growth was organic, emanating from the trust and relationships it has built from customers, manufacturers, partners, and employees.

+ TIMELINE (X10 Over the Years)”

Vision, Mission, QMS Policy

Exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing the best services and outstanding quality.

Our mission is to provide the best of breed solutions to our customers utilizing our deep technical expertise and industry’s best practices. We differentiate ourselves by attracting the best talent and investing in continuous learning.

QMS Policy
X10 Technologies is committed to providing excellent, quality, secure, and efficient solutions and services through technology consulting, architecture and design, supply, deployment, and support services to our customers globally.

X10 Technologies shall comply with all legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements. We are committed towards process efficiency, safety and security, sustainable leadership, and continuous improvement of our people’s competency and expertise, enabling them and us to create a concord within our internal and external ecosystem.”

Awards and Publications


OUR partners

OUR partners

We’ve helped customers in a wide range of industries and professions, from healthcare to non-profit to energy and utilities.